Traveling with Your cosmetics.

O.k I bet we all have the question “How do I fly with my cosmetic products”?. whether its a carry on or checked bag a little, or a lot there are rules and regulations that you as a traveling artist must follow to make your trip as smooth as possible.


So lets start with carry on luggage. Since it it the least expensive and a lot of time the more convenient way to travel more people opt to carry their cosmetics in their carry on bag. According to Tsa regulations you are allowed one quart size bag (about the size of a standard ziplock freezer bag) per passenger with any liquids, gels, or aerosols or your choice. Each item inside must be no bigger than 3.4 ounces (100 ml).


*Tip:Mac cosmetics Prep and Prime Fix+ spray is exactly 3.4 ounces (100 ml)14642304_538054313054177_1119206918343708998_n

So now that you have a visual idea of what that looks like you are able to tell that most of your lipsticks, foundations, concealers, etc are able to be carried on to the plane in your luggage. lets move on to the checked bags.

For checked bags there are way less restriction on what you can and cannot carry almost anything can go threw in a checked bag . I once check my entire makeup kit threw to the city I was traveling to although to be honest that is not something I would recommend doing (I received my case back with a lot of broken powders and eye shadows).liquids, gels and aerosols of any size can be put into a check bag, however your bag is subject to additional screening and may be opened if the tsa decides to check into it further.

A few other items according to tsa regulations:

Tweezers:Able to be carried in both checked or carry on bags

Nail clippers:Able to be carried in both checked or carry on bag

Scissors:  Metal pointed blades that are longer then 4inches are only allowed in checked bags and must be properly covered. (the little eyebrow scissors can be put into your carry on).                                                                                                            mDss6Bzy8GU3B4svDrINgRw


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