Lost ones

The Meadows Music & Arts Festival - Day 1

  • J.Cole
  • Lost ones
  • Directed by the duo Bergman and Bohichik

He Aint S**t

The video opens up with the males point of view. This girl just told him that she was pregnant with his baby and he is not happy about the situation. He starts to talk about everything that is wrong with their situation from financial troubles to the fact that they are not even together. He is not ready for a child and basically tells her he wants her to get an abortion .

Her shoes

The 2nd verse takes an interesting switch to the females point of view. She feels how many women feel during an unexpected pregnancy  she wants him to man up take responsibility. She feels he mislead her and got her to open up to him and now he is acting like a completely different person. Then she reminds him of how his dad wasn’t around for him and if he chooses not to be with her and his child he is just like his father, a deadbeat dad because she is keeping her child with or without his agreement.

What about your seed?

At the end of the video it speaks from a outside persons point of view. It speaks to any young man who may be battling with a similar situation. When a child comes into the picture you are forced to grow up really fast, But you put yourself into that situation. You can not fault the female she was looking for love  and thought you were the one. The proverb goes something like this: Sex won’t make him love you and a baby won’t make him stay. So regardless of how one may feel about the situation you have to stop and think about your future child, its not about you or her anymore. So what about your seed?


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  1. CorbSpace says:

    Nice post! Lost ones tackles such an difficult discussion, and is one of my all time favorite J. Cole songs


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